Cherniaev, General Mikhail Gregor’evich

Cherniaev, General Mikhail Gregor’evich
   The Russian general whose forces conquered Tashkent in 1865. This was a major turning point in the Russian conquest of Central Asia, as the pace of conquests quickened thereafter. Cherniaev argued that the military conquest of Tashkent was much needed in 1864, despite some opinions to the contrary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Prior to Cherniaev’s success, Russian leaders had envisioned Chimkent as the southern point of their empire. Tashkent was surrendered on June 17, 1865 and Cherniaev earned the nickname “The Lion of Tashkent.” He served twice as governor-general of Turkestan, 1865–1866 and 1882–1884. After his first stint in Turkestan, he strongly criticized the Turkestan regime of his successor, General Konstantin von Kaufman, via his job as editor of the Russkiy Mir ( The Russian World ) newspaper. Throughout his career he alternated between periods of support and opposition from the tsarist government.
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Encyclopedia of the Age of Imperialism, 1800–1914. 2014.

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